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SIG Overseas is the most prominent and success-oriented training centre in Hyderabad for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and GRE. In addition to these courses, the center offers Communication Skills, English Fluency, Personality Development, Placement Training Program and more.

SIG Overseas prime objective is to provide best education for students and train for their higher education. The courses are offered to our students with a result-oriented approach and we strive to provide our students with profound knowledge & Success.

We at SIG Overseas, wish to ensure a smooth transit phase for our students. We have in-house training and expertise for all IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and GRE exams. Our training is quality driven and target-oriented. Our effort is to make the process quicker, easier and bring out the best of student’s potential.

SIG Overseas facilitates all the test preparations stress-free for students to prepare themselves for the tests. We differ from others in these test prep course as we offer student centric & score oriented classes. Our aim is to make students achieve the best possible in the tests. Universities have a holistic methodology in evaluating the applications, but they require a measureable way to judge the potential of the candidates at equal footings.

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GRE or Graduate Record Examinations is a traditional test aimed to prove your capability to different graduate schools. Most of the prestigious universities, chiefly in Canada and the USA, ask for GRE to measure the overall potential of the student. GRE is an online exam conducted every month. Due to this, you have the maximum chance of preparing well and giving your GRE multiple times based on your convenience. Accordingly, you can send your best scores to graduate school so that you have the maximum chance of getting in.

GRE fundamentally revolves around three factors:

Analytics writing

Quantitative reasoning

Verbal reasoning

These skills have to be implemented by a graduate student consistently. Therefore, GRE is an imperative test examination and is an essential requirement for masters and Ph.D. in English speaking countries.

We at SIG Overseas are passionate about helping you get into leading institutions through informative GRE coaching in Hyderabad so that you make the most of your preparation. We understand how education plays a vital role in making you aware and successful. Thus, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of learning. We offer extensive GRE training in Hyderabad so that you can prepare thoroughly for the GRE.

Why should you take GRE?

If you’re willing to study overseas for masters or Ph.D., GRE is an imperative criterion accepted by most colleges. A good GRE score can help impress the admissions office, thereby giving you the maximal chance of getting into your desired college. GRE test is also applied to fellowship programs and scholarships. There are two types of GREs- the GRE subject test and the GRE general test.

Why should you take GRE?

SIG Overseas is a leading company based on offering valuable education services. Studying abroad can undeniably help you create a strong foundation for yourself. We are here to train you meticulously for this computer-based exam. We will help you strengthen your weak skills, helping you reach your highest potential. We also offer extensive practice tests to improve your skills and abilities. We carry pride in being one of the most reputed GRE institutes in Hyderabad and aim to offer the best for the aspirants.

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TOEFL is an acronym for the Test of English as Foreign Language and is the standardized criteria for pursuing your studies in an English speaking country. TOEFL assets your capability of analyzing, understanding, and speaking English. TOEFL is one of the most important exams that is accepted by a few of the top universities worldwide.


Who should take the TOEFL test?

1. According to studies, more than 35 million people globally have taken up the TOEFL exam for illustrating their proficiency in the English Language.

2. Workers and Students applying for a visa in an English -speaking country.

3. English enthusiasts aiming to ace in English and track their overall progress.

4. Students aiming to pursue their higher studies in an overseas country.

5. Certification and scholarship candidates.

Which countries accept TOEFL scores?

TOEFL is a distinctive test whose scores are accepted In about 11000 and more universities all over the world, including the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and Canada.

How can SIG OVERSEAS help you?

SIG Overseas is a leading company primarily aiming to help you get into an international institution with ease. We are a devoted company with 20 years of experience. We consistently aim to offer a new-age approach towards guiding you to get into your desired university. Our well-equipped crew is passionate and highly skilled to provide you with all the insights you require before applying to a university abroad. If you’ve wanted to study overseas, it’s time to change it into reality. Our step-by-step guide can help you make well-versed decisions throughout your journey. We additionally offer impeccable TOEFL online coaching India.

Credibility and integrity:

Analytic planning is undeniably one of the most essential criteria when pursuing a higher degree. With a rapid expansion of fraudulent companies and scammers, choosing a reliable educational services company can be challenging. SIG overseas is a certified company with a renowned reputation, potency, and expertise in TOEFL coaching in Hyderabad. We are linked with a few of the most prestigious universities and ensure offering only the most authentic services to you.

Systematic assistance:

With our exceptional experience, we strive to bring about sophisticated and adaptable services on a timely basis. Our counselors are highly experienced and will help you make informed decisions from the very start. We will guide you as to which financial plan is best suited for you and how you can achieve excellent TOEFL scores.

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IELTS or The International English Language Testing System is an exam measuring the English language proficiency of all the students wanting to study or people wishing to work in a country where English is the fundamental language of communication.

IELTS is one of the important exams that one has to give to be eligible for studying in foreign countries. Studying at a reputed institution abroad is undeniably an achievement of its own. A foreign degree is a vital asset that one can have. In India, most people set out to pursue a degree in Masters in native countries. IELTS is the gateway to getting into your desired institution by ease.

SIGoverseas is an industry leader in the field of career counseling, test preparation, and step-by-step guidance for getting into top universities outside India. We at SIGoverseas carry pride in constantly coming up with effective services so that you can get into your desired university. One such service we highly focus on is the IELTS exam. IELTS exam is based on the basic proficiency in Spoken English in the countries where English is used as the primary language in education.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to be the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad and come up with informative, insightful, and efficient services on a timely basis. Education is undeniably one of the most indispensable factors of one’s life. We are here to guide you into appropriately applying to your desired institutions so that you have the best chance of receiving an offer from them. We are a top-notch IELTS coaching Centre providing knowledgeable training so that you can ace your IELTS exam with ease. We also offer overseas education guidance and IELTS exam preparation for 5 major countries in the world.

United States

United Kingdom




SIG overseas offers intricately designed training services for both types of IELTS exams- General and Academic. We will help you study the core department of IELTS, the writing, listening, and reading sections. The entire exam is divided into 4 sections. We will help you thoroughly prepare for all parts so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity of studying abroad.
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PTE or Pearson Language Tests is a certified exam to prove the English skills of a candidate. For overseas students, the exam tests their eligibility based on a set of criteria. For most Indians, studying abroad is a dream come true. SIGoveseas aims to help you turn your dreams into reality. We are an exclusive platform aiming to train you deliberately for your PTE exam so that you get into your favored college with ease. Pearson Language Test is a computer-based exam for non-native English speakers aiming to study overseas. Similar to IELTS, PTE is subdivided into 4 distinguishing parts- Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

The chief focus behind PTE is to test your primary English skills. PTE is a 3-hour long test. What makes PTE different from IELTS is that you can expect its results in less than 5 days. The rapid and efficient exam is easy to score if carefully prepared. Even the people with English as their first-language should take up the PTE exam as it the one-way ticket to getting into a university. We at SIGoverseas are devoted to offering thorough guidance to you so that you don’t lack in the core aspects of the exam.

Your quality of education arguably matters if you want to excel in a competitive world. Most prestigious universities of the world ask for PTE test scores. Thus, preparing yourself to create a strong foundation for pursuing your studies abroad is vital. We offer comprehensive and in-depth study material, along with a distinctive training so that you can score well in PTE. A single English exam shouldn't hold you back. Therefore, preparing yourself for the very best is indispensable when it comes to education. We at SIGoverseas offer extensive PTE training in Hyderabad. We want to help you succeed and thus provide you with all the guidance you need to get into a reputed university.

We offer extensive training at an affordable PTE exam fee. SIGoverseas is a pioneer in consistently bringing about enhanced services to help you accomplish your dreams. From guidance for exam preparation to university selection, and much more, we’ve got you covered.

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The GMAT Exam Has Four Sections:
1.Analytical Writing Assessment—measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas..
2.Integrated Reasoning—measures your ability to analyze data and evaluate information presented in multiple formats..
3.Quantitative Reasoning—measures your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills..
4.Verbal Reasoning—measures your ability to read and understand written material, to evaluate arguments and to correct written material to conform to standard written English..
In total the test takes just under 3 1/2 hours to complete, including two optional breaks.

Control Your Test Taking Experience
When you arrive at your test center, you have the flexibility to choose from three options for your exam's section order:
1.Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal.
2.Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment.
3.Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment.
This choice simply gives you more control and flexibility to take the GMAT exam based on your strengths and testing preferences.

The GMAT Exam is Computer Adaptive. What Does That Mean?
The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections of the GMAT are computer-adaptive, meaning the difficulty of the test tailors itself in real-time to your ability level. This feature allows the exam to assess your potential with a higher degree of precision and deliver scores that business schools trust.
Here’s how it works: The first question you receive in either the Verbal or Quantitative sections will be of medium difficulty. As you answer each question, the computer scores your answer and uses it as well as your responses to any preceding question to select the next question. If you answer the first question correctly, the computer will usually give you a harder question. If you answer the first question incorrectly, your next question will be easier. This process continues until you complete the section, using responses to all previously answered questions, at which point the computer will have and accurate assessment of your ability in that subject.
You will not be able to skip, return to, or change your answers to questions. This is because the computer uses your response to each question to select the next one.

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SAT is a pencil-paper based test that assesses a candidate’s skills and knowledge of the education received in high school. SAT consists of two major section – Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math. They are further divided into two sections each.
Questions asked in the SAT are from the curriculum of high schools. Both sections, EBRW and Math, are scored on a range of 200-800. The test also has a section of Essay of 50 minutes. Even though optional, it is required by a number of colleges using SAT. The score range for Essay section is 2 to 8.
1.Both sections of EBRW questions are multiple-choice questions.
2.Math is divided into two sets of questions – one to be attempted without using calculator and one with calculator.
3.Most of the Mathematics questions are MCQs; some questions are grid-ins i.e. students must solve and fill in the answer on the bubble sheet.
4.The exam is 3 hours long. SAT with Essay is 3 hours and 50 minutes long.
5.There is a time limit of 100 minutes to attempt EBRW and 80 minutes for Math.

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
1.52 multiple choice questions in 5 passages to be attempted in 65 minutes
2.One literary passage from American or International work of fiction like short stories or novels
3.One passage or a pair of passages from U.S. founding documents or Great Global Conversation on topics like freedom, justice and human dignity A selection of passages on economics, psychology, sociology, etc.
4Two passages from work of science
5.Students are required to read the passage and answer the question by telling a story or making an argument or explaining a study or experiment

Writing and Language Test
1.44 multiple choice questions in 4 passages to be attempted in 35 minutes
2.Requires students to revise and edit passages
3.Topics explored are career, science, humanities, history and social science
4.Passage writing modes are narrative, argumentative and informative/explanatory
5.At least one passage on each of the above writing modes is present

SAT Mathematics
1.Comprised of two sub parts - math with calculator and math without calculator
2.58 questions to be attempted in 80 minutes
3.80% of questions are multiple choice while 20% are grid ins
4.Math with calculator has 30 multiple choice questions and 8 grid in questions
5.Math without calculator has 15 multiple choice questions and 5 grid in questions
6.A set of formula and references are provided at the beginning of the test
7.The section is given specific attention for students going for science, technology, engineering or math
8.Questions are framed in real-life settings on topics from science, social science, and career contexts.

SAT Essay
1.Essay is optional but is required by most colleges to get a deeper insight into a student’s personality and his/her thought process 2.You must pay charges additional to basic SAT registration fee to take the Essay section 3.Students are required to write an essay on the topic given based on a passage within 50 minutes 4.Students must consider and explain how the author evidence, reasoning and styling elements to make the passage convincing in their essays 5.Three separate scores on a range of 2-8 is given 6.The essay sections helps students assess their skills in – 7.Reading - how well a student could comprehend the passage 8.Analysis - how well a student analyzed the author’s argument in the passage 9.Writing - how well a student could structure his/her response

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