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SIG is authorized representatives of more than 200 Global Universities & Institutions. With 20 years of experience in International Education Industry, SIG recruits high-quality students from Australia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Vietnam Proven track record of successfully working with many top Universities across the globe. With 20+ years of experience in this industry we proudly say that we are the mainstream overseas education consultants in Hyderabad. We provide all the services that aspiring candidates would require, in order to accomplish their academic and professional goals which they dream of. With the following briefs mentioned below, we provide concise and correct information about the range and scope of the core services we offer.
Why SIG overseas? We have a plethora of services in our portfolio and major accomplishments in our way to understand us best and choose us as your destination.
Australia based headquarters: Storm International Group (SIG) is an Australian company established in 2000 and our global headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia.
Experience: With 20+ years of experience, we established as the most trusted overseas consultants by reaching the individuals expected peaks.
Global branches: We have global branches in United Kingdom, USA, Australia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Srilanka and Vietnam.
India based branches: We have 16 branches in India, with head office based in Hyderabad.
Agreements: We are authorized representatives of more than 500+ global universities and institutes across Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom & United States of America. We have a flow of top universities across the globe with proven track record.
Experienced staff: All our branch heads, counselors & client relations managers have minimum 15+ years’ of experience in overseas consulting.

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By clicking submit, I agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy and I am giving my consent to receive updates through SMS/email


We are one of the profound Australian education consultants in Hyderabad. Australia serves as the world’s 12th largest economy. Hence there are multiple opportunities for students who would like to seek higher education in Australia. Australia is often known for its educational excellence and high-standards of living.
It has the highest ranks in domains such as health, quality of life, economic freedom, political rights, and the protection of civil liberties.

There are currently just over 515,000 international students studying in Australian schools, colleges, and universities. They come to Australia to study because of its reputation for educational excellence, the high standard of living enjoyed by its citizens, the career opportunities available to everyone, regardless of class or family background, and the multicultural nature of its population. 54,000 of these students currently have Indian citizenship.

Teaching and learning style:
A student-centered education system is adopted by the Australian educational institutions. This education system has a mission to produce students who have excellent theoretical knowledge of the subjects they have opted for. They make sure that the students can apply the knowledge that they have gained in the real world, and they are capable of making intelligent and smart decisions by acting independently.


SIG overseas is listed among the best Canadian immigration consultants in Hyderabad. We have been providing our services since 2000. We have carefully curated our services to be extremely user-friendly and success-oriented for all our clients. Our mission is to deliver utmost professionalism and excellence to all the clients who seek our services, irrespective of whether they are student or educational institute representatives. Over the years, Canada is growing in popularity as a destination for higher education. With its high academic standards, multicultural lifecycle, world-class institutions, relatively affordable costs, master in Canada seems like an intelligent decision.

Reasons why you must opt for Canada for higher education
  • Qualifications being highly-valued around the world:
  • Exciting Campus Life
  • Immigration possibilities
  • Multicultural Society
  • Innovative And Abundant Research Opportunities
  • Land Of Possibilities

Education In Canada

The Canadian education system is under the complete jurisdiction of the provinces and territories (States). Public education in Canada is free up to secondary school. Undergraduate and postgraduate universities are divided into community colleges and universities.

United States

Why Study In United States Of America?

The United States of America is the number one destination for international students seeking to obtain a first-class career advantage. At the end of 2012 there were 760,500 international students studying in the USA.

The American higher education system offers flexible options to fit students’ individual needs and learning styles:
  • Direct entry to undergraduate programs.
  • English preparation programs leading to degree programs if necessary.
  • Transfer opportunities (2+2) to the second and third year of undergraduate programs.
  • A wide range of graduate programs, Diplomas, Masters, and Ph.D.

Career counseling:

Our team of experienced counselors understand the interest of the students and suggest universities according to the course, budget, and scores of the student in exams like IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT, etc. We house some of the best USA education consultants who make sure that the students get into their dream college.

Why study in the USA?

We have combined some of the lucrative features to choose a college or university in the USA; they include:


The students getting admitted to the US colleges are exposed to the varied culture, students from other countries, and people from various backgrounds. A student can learn a lot within and outside the campus.

Quality of education:

The quality of education offered at the universities in the US is considered one of the best in the world. A student can gain tremendous knowledge and hands-on experience by joining relevant internship programs.

Good environment:

The USA offers a vibrant culture and a happy atmosphere, which helps the student to learn and grow. There are numerous food joints and accommodation facilities available near the college campuses.

Variety of courses:

A student can enroll in management, technical, or art courses. A student can also pursue both UG and masters in the USA.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the most popular international study destination in the world. According to the 2012 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, the UK currently has 9 universities in the top 100.

Why Choose United Kingdom?
  • Good International Reputation:
  • Good Quality Of Education:
  • Wide Range Of Courses:
  • An Interesting Place To Live
  • Financial Benefits

Why Choose SIG overseas?

SIG overseas is one of the leading overseas education consultants for the UK. In our long journey of 20 years, we have helped several students from different backgrounds opting for different fields in different countries. We have an experienced staff who knows every detail about the admission process of top institutes in the UK. Our experts are well equipped to help you decide where you should study in UK to make the most of your education.
Whether you want the details of the facilities available in leading institutes of the UK, or doubtful about getting into one, we can help you through it. We can guide you through the exams you should prepare to be eligible for various scholarships available to overseas students studying in the UK in the fields of science, management, arts, etc.