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SIG Overseas is the most prominent and success-oriented training centre in Hyderabad for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and GRE. In addition to these courses, the center offers Communication Skills, English Fluency, Personality Development, Placement Training Program and more.

SIG Overseas prime objective is to provide best education for students and train for their higher education. The courses are offered to our students with a result-oriented approach and we strive to provide our students with profound knowledge & Success.

We at SIG Overseas, wish to ensure a smooth transit phase for our students. We have in-house training and expertise for all IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and GRE exams. Our training is quality driven and target-oriented. Our effort is to make the process quicker, easier and bring out the best of student’s potential.

SIG Overseas facilitates all the test preparations stress-free for students to prepare themselves for the tests. We differ from others in these test prep course as we offer student centric & score oriented classes. Our aim is to make students achieve the best possible in the tests. Universities have a holistic methodology in evaluating the applications, but they require a measureable way to judge the potential of the candidates at equal footings.

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GRE or Graduate Record Examinations is a traditional test aimed to prove your capability to different graduate schools. Most of the prestigious universities, chiefly in Canada and the USA, ask for GRE to measure the overall potential of the student. GRE is an online exam conducted every month. Due to this, you have the maximum chance of preparing well and giving your GRE multiple times based on your convenience. Accordingly, you can send your best scores to graduate school so that you have the maximum chance of getting in.

GRE fundamentally revolves around three factors:

Analytics writing

Quantitative reasoning

Verbal reasoning

These skills have to be implemented by a graduate student consistently. Therefore, GRE is an imperative test examination and is an essential requirement for masters and Ph.D. in English speaking countries.

We at SIG Overseas are passionate about helping you get into leading institutions through informative GRE coaching in Hyderabad so that you make the most of your preparation. We understand how education plays a vital role in making you aware and successful. Thus, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of learning. We offer extensive GRE training in Hyderabad so that you can prepare thoroughly for the GRE.

Why should you take GRE?

If you’re willing to study overseas for masters or Ph.D., GRE is an imperative criterion accepted by most colleges. A good GRE score can help impress the admissions office, thereby giving you the maximal chance of getting into your desired college. GRE test is also applied to fellowship programs and scholarships. There are two types of GREs- the GRE subject test and the GRE general test.

Why should you take GRE?

SIG Overseas is a leading company based on offering valuable education services. Studying abroad can undeniably help you create a strong foundation for yourself. We are here to train you meticulously for this computer-based exam. We will help you strengthen your weak skills, helping you reach your highest potential. We also offer extensive practice tests to improve your skills and abilities. We carry pride in being one of the most reputed GRE institutes in Hyderabad and aim to offer the best for the aspirants.